Shutting down this blog in April

Hello everyone, I guess it’s no surprise, as you can see I haven’t posted in a few years. I’ve still been riding, just not as much as previously, but mostly I lost the desire to talk about things I’ve done or seen and just want to do them. A lot has happened in the last […]

Happy Holidays!

I haven’t been posting much, truth is I haven’t been riding much due to other things going on. More importantly, I never did provide the updates from the 2014 Pro Challenge as I said I would which is just shameful. I will try to get to it but I am pretty booked up for the […]


Sorry about the dead air. I haven’t been doing anything noteworthy riding-wise this summer, but I did just return from the 2014 USA Pro Challenge. I saw parts of stages 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7. Once I get my pictures sorted out I’ll post something.

Long Term Report – Specialized Roubaix Armadillo Elite Tires

I have recently had to replace the tires on my bike and I wanted to tell you about it. First we need to go back in time to the first day I took this set out of the package, July 7, 2012! (No, I’m not OCD or an accountant, Strava keeps track of my equipment replacements […]

Scottsdale Mountain closed to cyclists

Went out for a ride on this beautiful fall day. I haven’t been riding too much lately, so to keep it manageable I took a jaunt up Via Linda to Hidden Hills then back down, hitting the side streets along the way. As I rode up to the gated community at Scottsdale Mountain, the guard […]

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